This is a series of youtube commercials produced for Youcoach, an Italian startup which developed a software to manage football training sessions. Published once-a-month, the aim of this series was to create engagement and brand awareness on social networks, through a funny and entertaining style.
I was involved as script-writer and director.
Ep. 1. L'idea fissa.
Being a football trainer it's a passion more than a job, you must love soccer. But sometimes it can be an obsessive and time-consuming one.

Ep. 2. Successo = Sudore.
First and foremost the professional trainer can benefit from Youcoach app, preparing his training sessions and taking them directly on the soccer field.
Ep. 3. Il colpo di genio.
No doubt the amateur trainer can benefit from using Youcoach, with thousands of training sessions inspired by the greatest trainers of football history.

Ep. 4. L'analisi.
No more late nights studying tactics and training techniques, with Youcoach everything is already at hand, even your mum knows it!

Client: Youcoach
Advertising Agency: Blonde and Brains
Copywriter, Scriptwriter: Nicola Crivellari
Production management: Blonde and Brains
Direction: Nicola Crivellari
Direction of Photography: Nicola Crivellari
Animation, Editing: Nicola Crivellari

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