When this project came along I was junior compositor at Controcampo Produzioni. Samuele, the director, planned the music video to be shot entirely in green screen, so I was part of the animation team. The music video won a special prize at the Independent Labels Meeting and a Key Award for Animation in 2007. It was aired on Mtv Italy, All-Music, presented by Rocco Siffredi at Markette tv-show in La-7.
Produced by Controcampo Produzioni
Direction/Art Direction: Samuele Gottardello
Live Action Shooting: Danilo Vivan, Raffaele Usicco
Design: Cinzia Capitanio
Design, Compositing, Animation: Martina Colorio, Nicola Crivellari, Samuele Gottardello
Editing: Stefano Codin

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