The script was written on a series of brainstorming sessions with the band, in order to express the black humour of their songwriting in a compelling and meaningful way. I personally designed the costumes, the storyboard, the background and the VFX. Entirely shot on green screen on a 3-day shooting, then edited and composed in a period of 4 months.
This music video premiered on Rolling Stone Italia on September 2014, along with the theatrical release of Behaving Badly (U.S.A., 2014), which featured the song. In 2015 we won a Mediastars Award.

Armed Venus - Jihad To See Her
Premiered on Rolling Stone Italia.
Featured soundtrack on "Behaving Badly" (U.S.A., 2014) - with Nat Wolff, Selena Gomez, Jason Lee, Dylan McDermott.

Script: Nicola Crivellari, Fabio Pacino, Marco Zambrano
Direction: Nicola Crivellari
Starring: Alberto Baraghini, Camila Alves
Director of Photography: Alberto Marchiori
Executive production: Marco Zambrano
Editing, Compositing: Nicola Crivellari
VFX: Nicola Crivellari, Alessandro Barison

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